Female Soldiers on the front-line? Bad Idea

Female soldiers performing combat duties on the front-line is a bad military plan.  I am speaking completely from a military perspective.  I am not making a biblical argument (though I could) or a philosophical argument.  I am making a logical argument.  I am speaking from 5 years of active duty service as an Infantry Officer in the Army.  I have deployed 3 times both to Iraq and Afghanistan.  I have served in several different Infantry and Ranger units.  I have been around females in a combat zone.  And my opinion on the matter is that it is simply a bad plan.

My question is why anyone is considering it?  I know of no Infantry Officer or Soldier who has ever said, “Man, what I really need right now is a good female solider!”  The push for female soldiers to perform jobs on the front line is totally political.  There is no grass-roots push for females soldiers to be in the Infantry.  Even in the case of special operations, in muslim held territory where there is a need for a female to search another female, the fix is simple. It is called a government contract. The task is very limited. “Miss, search this muslim female.”  After the need for them diminishes, the government cuts the contract. The key thing to remember (and the major difference with females on the front line) is that there is a military necessity for females to search female muslims. The Army needs females to search muslim females. But who is saying we need females – in all combat situations? There is none.

Has the Secretary of Defense thought about the logistics?  Does he know how complicated it is to equip and sustain an Infantry unit in combat?  Throw the needs of females into the mix and it gets harder.  What is the advantage?  Add in the emotional and psychological variables of having a women in such a unit and it gets more complicated.  What about the infrastructure? Every “all male” school that teaches these front line combat skills will need to redo the school’s infrastructure.  Take Ranger School as an example.  Students are always in the presence of other students.  Are females students going to shower, change and use the toilet with male students?  No!  They would need to build new barracks, and new showers and that takes more money. Also, the school would need female medics, and female instructors.  All this takes money and we are already experiencing financial cuts.  Why not use that money to improve the current training plan?

The question is not rather some woman can do the job.  That is not the question.  Some woman can complete the training and do the job.  The question is rather or not it is a good plan.  Why fix what is not broken?  Why train a female combat solider when a male combat solider can do it for less money and less hassle?  Are we hurting on male recruits?  Do we have female recruits knocking down the doors at the recruiting stations? Are we experiencing a shortage of male recruits?  Have we experienced such extreme casualties that we have no replacements?  The military is in the business of keeping us protected.  The only thing that should be a factor regarding these matters are factors that directly affect national security.  The military should not be included in the culture and/or political wars.  Liberal politicians are simply forcing the military to eat their ideology. It is equivalent to a lawyer telling a doctor how to do surgery. It is just that simple. And it is just that stupid.

I am waiting for a government official in Washington or a senior general to simply raise his hand and say, “All politics aside … this is a bad plan.”

About Sam Ketcham

Christian, Husband, Father and Soldier.
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One Response to Female Soldiers on the front-line? Bad Idea

  1. Leonard Tadych Jr. says:

    Good thought. As a Nuclear Submarine Veteran I agree with you. Their is more that could be said on this subject.

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