iPhone App: ScriptureTyper

Scripture Typer is an application that can be downloaded ($3.99) from an iPhone (they are working on an andriod application). I have been using the program for the best three weeks, and thoroughly enjoy it! I have never done a good job in my spiritual discipline of Scripture memory. But, with the help of this tool, I have memorized more Scripture in 3 weeks than I ever have in my life. Here are the main features that if offers:

(1) Super convienent – it is on your iPhone – and who leaves home without that?
(2) You pick the reference (i.e. John 3:16) and it downloads the verse from the internet. No typing!
(3) You can pick from any version of the bible! (I use the New American Standard)
(4) A built in function for reviewing, based on how well you know the verse
(5) A visual memory funciton (i.e. typing the verse)
(6) A audio memory function (you record yourself saying the verse and you can play it back to yourself)
(7) A reference drill that sharpens your memory of the chapter and verse

I highly recommend this app to you. I have not been able to get disciplined with bible memory until now. With Scripture Typer, I can review bible verses in the car (audio playback) and quickly add verses to my database because I always have my phone.

Visit their website at http://scripturetyper.com/
Follow them on Twitter @ScriptureTyper
Search your App Store “Scripture Typer” and you will find it!

I hope this helps you!

About Sam Ketcham

Christian, Husband, Father and Soldier.
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