Why I am not in favor of Female Rangers

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            I graduated from West Point in 2007. Shortly thereafter I graduated from Ranger School and entered into a six-year active duty career. I served as an Infantry Officer in the 25th Infantry Division and in the 75th Ranger Regiment and deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. On my last assignment, I served as a Ranger Instructor at Fort Benning, GA.

Two female soldiers have completed Ranger School and most Americans view this as a positive milestone for the nation’s military. But I do not look favorably upon the graduation of females from Ranger School. Why?

I am not a sexist. I do not look down upon women as inferior. I dearly love my wife, daughter, my mother and my sisters and view them as of equal worth to men. I am not angry at Ranger School or at these two strong women who are about to graduate. I accept the testimony of the leadership at Ranger School that the standards have not been lowered and I acknowledge that there are certain females who are physically capable of completing the course.

But as a Christian who accepts the Bible as the rule of life, I assess this new milestone differently than most Americans. God has so ordered the world that he has given the man the natural ability and the duty to provide (1 Timothy 5:8), protect (Joel 3:9) and lead (Ephesians 5:23). Sadly, many men in America are not obeying this God appointed role.

But on the other hand, many women have rejected their God appointed role. Though God views a woman of equal value to a man (1 Peter 3:7), a woman is not normally to serve the function of a leader, but the function of a follower. In the same way that Christ submits to the will of the Father and yet is equally God, so a woman submits to her husband or father as the leader (Ephesians 5:25) and yet is equally human.

Furthermore, God applauds a woman who is gentle (1 Peter 3:4), submissive (Ephesians 5:22), trustworthy (Proverbs 31:11), God-fearer (Proverbs 31:30) and a homemaker (Titus 2:5). This list is not exhaustive, but shows the contrast from what most Americans are now inclined to value in a woman. Unlike the biblical norms, most Americans applaud a woman who is sexy, strong, and independent. But this is counter to God’s way.

If I met these two female Rangers, I would shake their hands and congratulate them. I am not angry with them or at the many other women who have served in the military. But in light of these events, I feel compelled to call upon my nation to think again about what they esteem in a woman and the rule by which they come to their conclusions. The closer America can be to God’s word, the safer and happier it will be.

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The Gosnell Abortion Trial: The horrible facts and my response


Kermit Gosnell is a 72-year-old – african-american, abortionist doctor from Philadelphia – is currently on trial for the murder of seven babies and one woman. 3 of the charges were dropped this week, but he still faces 5 charges – 4 of which are first degree murder and 1 third degree. His attorney, Mr. McMahon, finished his defense this week and now the public waits for closing comments (schedule for monday) and the jury’s decision.

Because of the lack of reporting on this trail by the mainstream media, I am compelled to write a blog on the issue. I want to provide my reader with the basic facts and then a few responses that I think are most appropriate.

The Facts

The Gosnell trial speaks of horrible realities, but first I want to provide a basic timeline of events:

    • 1979 – Gosnell’s Abortion Clinic opens, called the “Woman’s Medical Society”
    • 1989,1992, and 1993 – The clinic fails to pass several abortion clinic regulations. No action from the local government to enforce the regulations. (According to the grand jury report, p.9)
    • 2008 – The year in which most of the murders occurred. I am lumping a host of testimony into one year. (See here for more details.)
    • Nov 19, 2009 – Mongar, the refugee from Nepal, dies from improper anesthesia at Gosnell’s clinic.
    • Feb 18, 2010 – Authorities raid Gosnell’s clinic based on information regarding illegal drug usage.
    • Mar, 2010 – Dept. of Health begins paperwork for shutting clinic down.
    • Jan 19, 2011 – Grand Jury completes report (read 200+ page document here)
    • Nov 1, 2012 – Kermit Gosnell pleads “not guilty”. [Two other employees in his clinic pleaded guilty to 1st degree murder]
    • Mar 18, 2013 – Opening Statements in Trial
    • Apr 24, 2013 – Defense Attorney, Jack McMahon “rests” his defense of Gosnell.

The Gruesome Testimony

    • Grand Jury Report – Opening Statement: This case is about a doctor who killed babies and endangered women. What we mean is that he regularly and illegally delivered live, viable, babies in the third trimester of pregnancy – and then murdered these newborns by severing their spinal cords with scissors.” (Source)
    • Latosha Lewis, a clinic co-worker, regarding Gosnell’s practice of “snipping”: … would cut the back of the neck and insert a curette, which is a plastic tubing … that is used to do a suction. You would insert it in the back of the neck of the baby, so that the brain would come out… [Sometimes] “he [Gosnell] would  just snip the neck.” (Source)
    • Sam Guilno, Philadelphia Chief Medical Examiner: He examined 47 aborted fetuses that were found in the freezer of Gosnell’s clinic. Ranged in age from 12 weeks – the end of the first trimester – to late second trimester, and included two that looked beyond the 24-week limit for legal abortions in Pennsylvania. “It was the first time I had to deal with fetuses that were frozen and that I had to thaw out.” Answered no to the question, “Can you think of any reason why the neck was severed if that baby was not born alive?”(Source)
    • Lynda Williams, a co-worker: Admitting that she had seen Gosnell cut the necks of at least 30 babies born alive.(Source)
    • Sherry West, a co-worker: She recounted a horrific experience when one baby, who she described as 18-24 inches long, was born alive. “There was this clear glass pan, and I saw it, and I thought, ‘What do you expect me to do?’” West told the court.
      “It wasn’t fully developed….It didn’t have eyes or a mouth but it was like screeching, making this noise. It was weird. It sounded like a little alien…It really freaked me out, and I said call Dr. Gosnell, and I went back out front.”(Source)
    • Steve Massof, a co-worker: Regarding the snipping procedure: “It’s like a beheading. It is separating the brain from the body.” At times, when women were given medicine to speed up their deliveries, “it would rain fetuses. Fetuses and blood all over the place.”(Source)


A Sampling of Videos/Photos on Gosnell:

Mongar (the woman murdered), a picture of the clinic, Gosnell photo, and two photos of babies murdered at his clinic.


A 15 minute video from Anderson Cooper on CNN. To my knowledge this video is one of the few stories, covered by the mainstream, media, that does justice to the story. I recommend you watch this video.

The below video is a Christian documentary on the trial. Extremely hard to watch this film.

Concluding Remarks:

My primary thought from this trial relates more towards the mainstream media’s failure to cover the story. I do not want to marginalize the sheer and horrible facts of the story. However, I am more concerned by the American ignorance of the trial. The boston bombings (which are also horrible and noteworthy) have taken the stage of the media. Correct me if I am wrong, but is not the death of 8 humans worse than 2? Why is America not outraged by the story of Gosnell?

Even those who are pro-choice agree that what Gosnell did was “illegal”. Despite the NY times (and other liberal media) refusal to call them “babies” and referring to them as “fetuses” (see here), they still know and believe that this is wrong. But why no outrage? I keep asking myself, when is America (Christian or non-Christian, pro-choice or pro-life) going to wake up. We are talking about the “snipping” of baby backbones?!?

My only conclusion – the thought that keeps coming back to my mind – is that America is in dire need of spiritual renewal. I knew this before the Gosnell trial, but I know it much more so now. Only an apathetic society, only a lukewarm society, would allow their free media to ignore such a trial without a backlash of corrective measures.

I keep wondering what the German people were thinking as their government slowly, but surely, progressed towards open extermination of the Jews during World War II. I recently heard a story about a German church increasing the volume of their organ during a worship service. The reason? Because a boxcar, of screaming Jews crying out for mercy, strolled down the tracks next to their church building. I wonder how far away we are from doing the same thing as the Nazis? Oh wait! The US government has sanctioned the death of 55 million babies since Roe v. Wade and planned parenthood alone has killed 333,000 babies in 2012.  (source)

“Lord, I thank you for having mercy upon me – a sinner. I ask that you would send your Spirit upon me, my family, my Church, my community, and my country. Revive us. We desperately need your renewal. Have mercy upon the wickedness of my country’s government. In Jesus’ name. Amen.”

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“Why should I stay sexually pure?” – a word to unmarried christian men

“For this is the will of God, your sanctification; that is, that you abstain from sexual immorality; that each of you know how to possess his own vessel in sanctification and honor, not in lustful passion, like the Gentiles who do not know God; and that no man transgress and defraud his brother in the matter because the Lord is the avenger in all these things, just as we also told you before and solemnly warned you. For God has not called us for the purpose of impurity, but in sanctification. So, he who rejects this is not rejecting man but the God who gives His Holy Spirit to you.” – 1 Thessalonians 4:3-8 (Paul the Apostle)

              I want to make two points from this text. But before I make these two points, I want to make clear that what I am not doing in this blog. I am not completely explaining this text. I am not attempting to explain the main point of this paragraph or to make a comment on all the sub-points of this text. I just simply want to make two points that, to some degree and in some form, are in this text.

1.       Paul gives stealing as a reason for refraining from sexual sin. What do I mean by that? Well, Paul makes it very clear that sexual immorality is wrong and it is wrong partly because the object of the sexual activity is not owned by the person committing the sexual act. Paul says,  in verse 6, “and that no man transgress and defraud his brother in the matter.” In other words, if you are engaging in sexual activity with a woman outside of marriage, then you are stealing from a brother who will, one day, be her husband. Have you ever thought about sexual immorality in this way? It is stealing. It is more than that but it is at least that. Any sexual activity outside of marriage is stealing because, you must assume, that one day that woman will be married to another man. Your sexual act has taken something from her husband. You, the sexually immoral, are a thief.

2.       Paul promises that God will execute vengeance upon the one who steals. I do not know how God will carry out His vengeance on the one that steals. I do not know because the text here does not tell us. But I do know that it is “the Lord” who will carry-out the vengeance. I also know that “it is a terrible thing to fall into the hands of the living God.” (Hebrews 10:31) Do you want the Lord to carry out vengeance upon you? Again, I am not saying what this vengeance consists of because I do not know. But one thing I do know is this. At the moment of temptation – when a young, unmarried, Christian man is tempted to follow the impulse of his flesh and take part in sexual activity outside of marriage with a young woman – I do know that a powerful force that can combat the force of the flesh is the knowledge that “the Lord” is the avenger in such matters. Do you want to have more self-control in such situations? Then fear the wrath of the avenger. You will not go unpunished.

Christian men, have I given you a reason to combat your sexual desires? I hope so for that was the purpose of this blog.

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Female Soldiers on the front-line? Bad Idea

Female soldiers performing combat duties on the front-line is a bad military plan.  I am speaking completely from a military perspective.  I am not making a biblical argument (though I could) or a philosophical argument.  I am making a logical argument.  I am speaking from 5 years of active duty service as an Infantry Officer in the Army.  I have deployed 3 times both to Iraq and Afghanistan.  I have served in several different Infantry and Ranger units.  I have been around females in a combat zone.  And my opinion on the matter is that it is simply a bad plan.

My question is why anyone is considering it?  I know of no Infantry Officer or Soldier who has ever said, “Man, what I really need right now is a good female solider!”  The push for female soldiers to perform jobs on the front line is totally political.  There is no grass-roots push for females soldiers to be in the Infantry.  Even in the case of special operations, in muslim held territory where there is a need for a female to search another female, the fix is simple. It is called a government contract. The task is very limited. “Miss, search this muslim female.”  After the need for them diminishes, the government cuts the contract. The key thing to remember (and the major difference with females on the front line) is that there is a military necessity for females to search female muslims. The Army needs females to search muslim females. But who is saying we need females – in all combat situations? There is none.

Has the Secretary of Defense thought about the logistics?  Does he know how complicated it is to equip and sustain an Infantry unit in combat?  Throw the needs of females into the mix and it gets harder.  What is the advantage?  Add in the emotional and psychological variables of having a women in such a unit and it gets more complicated.  What about the infrastructure? Every “all male” school that teaches these front line combat skills will need to redo the school’s infrastructure.  Take Ranger School as an example.  Students are always in the presence of other students.  Are females students going to shower, change and use the toilet with male students?  No!  They would need to build new barracks, and new showers and that takes more money. Also, the school would need female medics, and female instructors.  All this takes money and we are already experiencing financial cuts.  Why not use that money to improve the current training plan?

The question is not rather some woman can do the job.  That is not the question.  Some woman can complete the training and do the job.  The question is rather or not it is a good plan.  Why fix what is not broken?  Why train a female combat solider when a male combat solider can do it for less money and less hassle?  Are we hurting on male recruits?  Do we have female recruits knocking down the doors at the recruiting stations? Are we experiencing a shortage of male recruits?  Have we experienced such extreme casualties that we have no replacements?  The military is in the business of keeping us protected.  The only thing that should be a factor regarding these matters are factors that directly affect national security.  The military should not be included in the culture and/or political wars.  Liberal politicians are simply forcing the military to eat their ideology. It is equivalent to a lawyer telling a doctor how to do surgery. It is just that simple. And it is just that stupid.

I am waiting for a government official in Washington or a senior general to simply raise his hand and say, “All politics aside … this is a bad plan.”

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Where can I find powerful, biblical, and encouraging sermons on-line?

I have personally benefited from these resources. I hope that you find this information helpful.

  1. http://www.mljtrust.org/
    • Dr. Martin Lloyd Jones (1899-1901)
    • Minister at Westminster Chapel in London for 30 years
    • I recommend his lecture in which he explains how you should outline/understand the epistle to the Romans. Very enlightening!  (http://www.mljtrust.org/sermons/analysis/)
  2. http://www.desiringgod.org/
    • John Piper (still living)
    • Pastor at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, MN for over 30 years
    • He has a wide variety of sermons to listen too. Very topical. I recommend him if you have a particular topic you are interested in. He has preached on most stuff.
  3. www.sermonaudio.com
    • Reformed Preaching (Baptist and Presbyterian mostly)
    • HUGE SELECTION!! Search by topic, verse, or speaker
  4. http://www.sg-audiotreasures.org/ed_index.htm
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Bible Reading Plans for the New Year

The Theological Foundation for Bible Reading:

The basic reason why Christians should be continually reading the Scriptures can be found within the verse below:

“Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.” – Matthew 4:4 (NKJV)

You may not think of yourself as being in need of spiritual food, but you are. Just as your body eats bread and drinks water, so too you need to hear from God. God does not ordinarily speak to us like we speak to each other. Though we may wish He did do it in that way, He does not. However, He has written His word down and given it to His Church for their faithful use.

In addition to exhorting you to read the Scriptures as you eat food and drink water, I also encourage you to read the Scriptures in faith. The Scriptures say much about uniting the word of God with faith (Hebrews 4:2) and the apostle James warns Christians to not just be “hearers” or the word but “doers” of the Word (James 1:22). You can do all the Bible reading in the world, but if you do not believe what it says, it profits you nothing. But if you seek God and believe what He has said, then it will profit you.

Bible Reading Plans:

Have you been thinking about your new year resolutions? Have you ever wanted to read the bible in a year? Do you wish you could be more consistent in your Bible Reading? Below are several options that you could take for the coming year. I personally commend these options below as beneficial plans for spiritual feeding. (The difficulty of each plan goes in descending order)

  1. Read the New Testament in a Year:
    1. 1 chapter a day
    2. Starts with the Gospel of Mark and ends with Revelation but mixes the order up in between. For variety sakes.
    3. Good plan for a Christian who is just now beginning the bible reading discipline.
  2. Read the Old/New Testament in a Year:
    1. Approx 3 chapters a day.
    2. The plan breaks Scripture into 4 main categories:
      1. “Psalms & Wisdom Literature”
      2. “The Law and History of Israel”
      3. “Prophets and Chronicles”
      4. “Gospels and Epistles”
    3. Offers variety from both New and Old Testament. I enjoyed this plan most recently the most. The plan comes from the ESV study bible.
    4. The book of Psalms is read twice.
  3. Read the Old Testament x 1 and the New Testament x 2 (M’Cheyne)
    1. Approx 4 chapters a day.
    2. Starts with the four “beginnings” in Scripture:
      1. Genesis 1 – Creation
      2. Ezra 1 – Israel’s return from exile
      3. Matthew 1 – Birth of Christ
      4. Acts 1 – Birth of the Church
    3. This is a very old plan started in Scotland in 1842 by Robert Murray M’Cheyne. Intent was for 2 chapters to be read for personal devotions and 2 chapters to be read during family devotions.
    4. A more extensive plan for someone who already has been reading the bible consistently and perhaps also consistent in leading family worship. A great challenge for us Christian husbands/fathers!
    5. The link above also comes with M’Cheyne’s advice on how to best go about doing this reading plan.
  4. Read the bible in a year: If you click the link and look at the spreadsheet you will notice that the plan is ordered into 4 columns. If you only read the first three columns (from left to right) then you will read through the bible once in a year. (The fourth column is only the NT and Psalms) This may be another way to go about reading through the bible all at once.

Bible Versions and Translation Philosophy:

When it comes to translations of the Bible, you must understand that the Scriptures were written in Hebrew (Old Testament) and Greek (New Testament). And since God has inspired the very words of God, and not just the meaning of a passage, it is paramount that you find a translation as literal as possible. If you struggle with literal translations, and like the paraphrased versions, I want to encourage you by pointing out that the Bible is not always easy to understand and it takes patience and time. Understanding the harder aspects of Scripture is the job of preachers and teachers and that is why God has given them to His Church. Do not be frustrated with passages of Scripture that are hard to understand – stick with the reading and in time you will gain understanding. The basic message of the bible is clear to the normal reader.

The Better Versions: The versions below are all “formal equivalence” or “literal” word for word translations (as far as possible) and should be regarded as the Word of God in the English Language. There may be a few others, but these are the best.

  • King James (You may find this version too archaic, in which case, read the New)
  • New King James (I recommend this version)
  • New American Standard
  • English Standard

The Versions to Avoid: The below versions are popular but are not “formal equivalence” or “literal” translations. Instead, they take a different approach to translation. They translate “thought” for “though” and often times mis-interpret. Interpretation is the job of the preacher and teacher and not the job of the translater. I, again, encourage you NOT to read these versions.

  • The Message
  • New Living Translation
  • Amplified Bible
  • Good News Translation
  • New International Version (this is technically a “literal” translation but misses the boat enough times to be grouped in this category)
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My Thoughts on Veteran’s Day

On Veteran’s Day we all honor present and past Americans who have served our country. Frequently we honor those who have died in combat. I personally know of several men who were killed by enemy fire in combat. Hyde, Lo, Parten, Vogeler, Katzenberger, and Plutino. These men are just a few of those I personally knew before they died serving in Iraq or Afghanistan. Additionally, many of you reading this blog also know of other Americans who have died to protect our freedom. The list of Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines who have died in service to our country is a long list. Today, Americans honor all veterans and especially those who have died in military service.

Last night I was looking through Facebook and I noticed several comments from several people that said generally the same thing I wrote in the above paragraph. Post after post they came across my news feed. I was somewhat surprised at how incredibly thankful everyone seemed to be for their veterans. Fathers, brothers, husbands, and the deceased were all honored. As I was reading through my news feed, I thought of a particular verse in the bible. Romans 5:6-8 says, “For while we were still helpless, at the right time Christ died for the ungodly. For one will hardly die for a righteous man; though perhaps for the good man someone would dare even to die. But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.”

Soldiers die involuntarily for their friends. No soldiers wants to die but they continue in the fight because their buddies need them. It is a noteworthy virtue of mankind. We honor them because they should be honored. And we are thankful for their sacrifice because we should be. From there sacrifice comes our freedom. Freedom certainly is not free. But there is One who did much more and who is worthy of all honor.

Christ voluntarily died for His enemies. The above passage of Scripture says that Christ died while we were “helpless”, “ungodly” and “sinners”. Christ died for those who chanted “crucify him, crucify him!” Christ died for those who spat on him and cursed him while he hung on the cross. Christ died for the Roman guard that drove a spear into his side. Christ died for the drunk. Christ died for the fornicator. Christ died for the liar. Christ died for the homosexual. Christ died for the murderer. He died for His enemies. And Christ took on this mission from His heavenly Father voluntarily. John 10:17,18 says, “For this reason the Father loves Me, because I lay down My life so that I may take it again. No one has taken it away from Me, but I lay it down on My own initiative.”

How thankful are you to Christ? Have you thought about the magnitude of His death? Do you know that you are a sinner who justly deserves God’s displeasure? Have you accepted His pardon for sin and free gift of eternal life by faith?

To Him be the glory forever.

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